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George W Wingate High School
Classes of 1967 - 1971

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 So- a year ago, this weekend many of us
came together for our 40th reunion...
and what a magical weekend that was!
Hopefully, you've had an opportunity to reconnect with some old friends and have built new long-lasting relationships with them since our reunion. We have heard so many heartwarming stories, and also
many have said "it was great, but we all have our lives today, and maintaining or building new relationships hasn't happened".
Well, it does take effort, and it takes both parties to make it happen...sometimes, persistence works, and other times, it's the wrong answer.
In either case, know that this website is a place for you all to gather - and find common ground for opportunities to meet, greet and keep in touch.

Our Wednesday night chats are still taking place, and, the chatroom is ALWAYS open. Why not use it to make contact and make a date to "meet" with an old can simply chat OR use the skype capability within the chat room to connect with live video.
Don't forget also to use the Missing Classmates link to find new friends who haven't found us yet.
Every day, more and more people are beoing found on facebook and other social networks. If they are alumni from 67 through 71 - be sure and point them this way.
- Love to you all -
Paul & Bonnie


Live Chat is open 24/7. Hop on if you see someone online you'd like to connect with...
maybe they'd like to chat with you too.
OR make a date to meet and chat at a certain time.

 9:30 PM EST

join us in a mass "Live  Chat"
to connect with your online classmates!

 If you haven't already done so, please join the site, update your contact and profile information, and help us locate the rest of our classmates. Also, be sure to adjust your email settings, if necessary, to ensure that communications from the website ( not treated as spam. All personal information will be password protected and none of the information you share with us will be used for commercial purposes.

Please take a look at the Missing Classmates List and see if you are in touch with anyone who hasn’t already joined us. Clicking on their name will give you a form to invite them via email. Don’t have their email address? Give them a call and ask them to log in and join us. Would you like to find them...and don't know how? Check out the HELP FIND ALUMNI LINK on the left panel.

Do you know someone who should be listed and isn’t? Let us know who they are and we’ll add them to the database. Someone else on the site may know where they are – and will be able to contact them.